How to hire the right person for the job

Think back to the time you recruited someone for your business. Were you absolutely confident at the time that you had selected the right person for the job? And has the person turned out to be what you expected? Hiring for your business is a big responsibility, and it is also time consuming, so getting it right is critical.

Here are a few considerations to help business owners with the selection process:

  1. Ensure that the job description is an accurate reflection of the requirements.
  2. Visualise and create a profile of the ideal person. Consider personality, functional skills, experience, qualifications, communication skills, motivation, special attributes, and Employment Equity targets if applicable etc.
  3. Compile a Competency based interview guide. If you do not know how to do this, engage the services of a HR Consultant, or alternatively design a questionnaire to obtain high quality information about the candidate.
  4. Use probing questions and ask for examples of behavior when designing the questionnaire.
  5. Begin the search. Identify what social media platforms your ideal candidate might be registered with e.g. LinkedIn. Use existing networks to spread the word. Offer a referral fee to current employees, or use a recruitment agency.
  6. Screen and shortlist candidates. Depending on the position, conduct assessments or Psychometric testing, reference, education, criminal and credit checks.
  7. Conduct first round of interviews (in person, telephonically or via video conferencing)
  8. Conduct second round of interviews of short-listed candidates. Consider using panel interviews to ensure objectivity.
  9. Review all the data, rate the candidate, and make a decision
  10. Make the offer and ensure that the person is granted a superb onboarding experience into your company.
  11. Ensure that every candidate that applies for the job is treated as a special guest of the company. Ensure all candidates have a positive experience, as this will impact on the companies reputation and Brand.