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Achieve the best results while working from home during COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we conduct business and the way we work. Many of us now have to work from home and this has its own set of challenges. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best results.

  1. Have a dedicated space for work that is free of interruptions from kids, partners or animals.
  2. Ensure that you have read and understand the work from home policy. Contraventions could land up in disciplinary action being taken against you.
  3. Ensure you have the appropriate tools/equipment to do the job. If not, speak up!
  4. Do not use your work equipment for personal stuff. It could land you in hot water.
  5. Do not share company information with anyone except with whom it is intended.
  6. Be professional. If using video and audio conferencing ensure that you have a professional background, professional profile picture and that you are on mute, unless you are speaking. Ensure your mobile is on mute during the call.
  7. Ensure you understand your managers expectations of you whilst working from home e.g. work outputs (Key Performance Areas and Indicators), frequency of communication required, forums for communicating, leaving the house and/or taking breaks.
  8. Do not record anything whilst on video and audio conference without the consent of the other party.
  9. Focus on work as this is what you are paid for. Keep WhatsApp etc on silent and check in every hour instead of every time it pings. Distractions impact on your performance.
  10. Take breaks as your brain and body need it.
  11. Keep and eat healthy snacks at home.
  12. Keep connected to your friends at the office as it can become very lonely and demotivating. Take care of your mental and physical health.
  13. Remember working from home is a privilege for most and not a right, so make it work for both parties.
  14. Unplug from work once you are done for the day. Balance is key to a happy life.
Working from Home COVID 19

10 Tips to Manage Your Team Remotely

COVID- 19 has brought some challenges to the way we do business in 2020, which has led to us having to change the way we operate. Some of the challenges include having to manage employees who are working remotely. I hope that these 10 tips will make it easier for you to lead your team through this crisis.

  1. Ensure that you have WFH (work from home)/remote working policy and communicate this to employees.
  2. Clearly redefine the Key Performance Areas and Indicators with the employees (in writing).
  3. Ensure employees have the necessary tools to work remotely.
  4. Use technology (mobile apps or other) to support data security/protection, performance management, collaboration and connection between employees, and with the client e.g. tracking work, Zoom, chat rooms etc.
  5. Manage output/results. Micro-management can be demotivating and counter-productive. Working remotely does not mean employees are not working. Trust is key.
  6. Standards need to be maintained. Discuss expectations with your employee about family interruptions at home, working hours, breaks and communicating with you.
  7. Have regular meetings and engage remote working employees by:
    • asking them to present what they have been working on
    • asking them what challenges they experience working remotely or challenges they have with their work
    • give recognition where due
    • share information/updates about the business
  8. Review the bigger picture. How will your business change due to having to work remotely? e.g. Culture, Business model, Strategy, Leadership style etc.
  9. Working remotely allows the business to meet regulatory Health and Safety directives, be more resilient, flexible and agile. This will hopefully ensure its sustainability during and post the COVID crisis.
  10. Take breaks. Rest your brain and body. Everyone needs to have a break from work, even if one works from home.